Company Profile

Perfect design to meet the needs of different users

The design concept of the British Garwoods home cooking series products aims to be “user-oriented”, which perfectly meets the needs of different markets in terms of materials, design or functions, so as to create colorful, internal and external A series of both high-quality home cooking products. We know that continuous “innovation” and continuous “improvement” are the high expectations that customers place on us. Because of this, we are committed to promoting high-quality brand products to thousands of households, so that countless users can easily enjoy the leisurely life of LeChu!

Trusted original factory maintenance service

After you purchase Garwoods products, we will provide you with a 2-year original factory maintenance service*. The maintenance scope includes free on-site repairs and replacement of functional parts. In addition, all the heating plates of the “electric cooking stove” enjoy a 5-year warranty period, so that you can get confidence and professional and reliable service.

  • For the terms and conditions of the warranty, please refer to the detailed instructions listed on the “Product Warranty Certificate”.

Sparing no effort to promote green cooking

For a long time, Garwoods has focused on expanding its electric cooking stove business, providing users with high-quality, easy-to-operate, environmentally friendly and energy-saving electric cooking stoves.

The “Compulsory Energy Efficiency Labeling Scheme Phase III” was fully implemented on December 1, 2019. Induction cookers are a product covered by the scheme. Garwoods has obtained “Energy Labels” approved by the “Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department” for all induction cookers included in the plan.

In the near future, Garwoods will continue to work hard to develop the expertise and craftsmanship of electric cooking stoves, strive for innovation, and combine its sophisticated structure and electronic technology to ensure that all electric cooking stoves can be used in a series of products. Meet the standards of the “Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme”. Our philosophy is to provide users with a green cooking program, thereby reducing power consumption and cherishing social resources.

Brand Cooperation

Garwoods is a long-term partner of EuroKera, a French manufacturer of high-end cooktop panels and glass-ceramic solutions. The two parties have always cooperated seamlessly and have established a good understanding and trust between each other.

“EuroKera” relies on its high-quality glass-ceramics, professional micro-cutting digital cutting technology, and finely crafted silk screen technology, combined with “Garwoods” elegant product design and technical function application, will continue to jointly develop more for consumers A high-quality home cooking product with both inside and outside.